Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hell To Pay...

Well, the worst has happened... this morning, my sad old computer wheezed its last and said, "Bye... I'm outta here," then laid down it's pore, tired haid and died. Everything's gone... over 4,000 photos, my address book, passwords file, iTunes library of hundreds of pieces of music, bookmarks, calendar, e-mails, and Goddess knows how much else. I'm in shock, and really can't even think about it right now. Of course, the proposed data transfer to the new machine never happened. In addition, we won't even mention the embarrassing fact  that I, as a former main frame computer operator who bloody damn well knows better, never did a backup on that sad, sick machine. So, even though the new machine is mine to use, I'm at ground zero as far as my important stuff is concerned. Oh well, no use whining... it's a done deal. As for how "important" it all really was... just how important is anything in the long run?

I'm facing my Armageddon, and it serves me right.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

6 Months... YAY!!!

Six months ago, NOTHING you could have told me would have made me believe I'd get to this point... but here I am! Thanks to everyone who helped me get here... I love you madly!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


These words, spoken at the beginning of every AA meeting, are beginning to mean the world to me. I'd heard them at various times and places over the years, and never gave them, or the concept they represent, much thought. Until July 23... the day I attended my first AA meeting and heard them in an entirely new context. Four days before that meeting, my life had changed irrevocably. The words suddenly hit home because I realized I was no longer "in control". Had I ever been? Not a chance. Did I really want to be? Not a chance. Suddenly, control wasn't an issue any longer, and I felt immensely free. I've never been a praying woman, and I'm still not, but, somehow, it now seems okay to say these words, and these days, I even say the first word without flinching. That first word still makes me uncomfortable, but I'm working around it, and maybe one day I'll get over it. In the meantime, I feel I've reached heretofore unknown levels of serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom... and it feels good.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tribal Art & Textiles

I'm currently exhibiting with Cleven "Goodie" Goudeau in a wonderful show at the Umpqua Bank here in Vallejo. Curated by Goodie's wife, Jeanette McCree Goudeau, the exhibit pairs my African-influenced art quilts with some of Goodie's vibrant African paintings. The result is a colorful and visually exciting feast for the eyes! Enjoy...

The show will be up for a few more weeks, and then will be moving to another venue. Jeanette has big plans to "take it on the road", so stay tuned...

I want to extend my sincere thanks to Umpqua Bank for their support of this exhibit, and for artists in general. Every branch in this area displays art on a regular basis - I think they're awesome!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Treasures...

I just gifted myself with two fun pieces of art from my fabulous artist friend, Cheryl Dolby, who lives a gazillion miles away in Roanoke, Virginia. Well, it seems like that far away, because I'd love to be able to get together with her and hang out and talk about art, and play around in one of her classes, and see her exciting work up close and personal. She's also an incredible cook, and I'd like to play "bake-off" with her! That all probably won't ever happen, though, so I do the next best thing... I faithfully follow her blog, and buy myself a piece of her art every once in a while. Cheryl celebrates women in her art... strong, beautiful, elegant women... in jewelry, sculpture, dolls, and paintings. I love her women... it's hard to describe because it's such a personal thing, but they really talk to me, and they empower me. I wish I could fill my house with her women... but, sigh... my tiny house is already overflowing with wonderful art from so many artist friends, not to mention my own art... there are limits I have to face!

My newest treasures are apothecary jars with tops featuring sculpted and embellished women's faces. Here's Timekeeper:

and Tree Crone Woman:

They'll be at home on the desk in my studio and will hold important-to-me family stuff like my parents' wedding rings, dad's Phi Beta Kappa tie clip, mother's nursing school pins, Grandma Willey's beautiful cameo broach, Grandma Conklin's ruby cross, and other small pieces of sentimentalia. Better to store such treasures in beautiful glass jars where I can see them instead of hidden away in boxes in a closet.

Thanks, Cheryl, for once again bringing beauty into my life!