Saturday, September 3, 2011

American Canyon Open Studios

I recently participated in The American Canyon Arts Foundation open studios weekend. I had a wonderful time, met some fantastic people and saw some very excellent art. I've really missed being part of an Artists' Group ever since the Vallejo Artists' Guild went up in flames several years ago. I'd dearly love to see the group rise, phoenix-like out of the ashes, but I'm not the person to make it happen... it's a job for a younger, more patient, flexible, and tolerant individual than this old fart. But, I digress...
I was delighted with my experience with the ACAF, and immediately joined the group so I can be a part of future events put on by this talented, energetic group.
There were four locations throughout town where art was displayed. I was fortunate to be in the Palby's Junction building, which was recently remodeled from the ground up, and converted into a pleasant, spacious, airy and light space, from the once tacky, run-down restaurant. Here are a few of the artists who exhibited in this space...

Incredibly beautiful wool capes, vests and jackets by Jae Song:

Exquisite silk scarves and elegantly painted duck eggs by Maridee Hayes:

Ceramics by Brendah DeBow, Acrylics by Cleven "Goodie" Goudeau, and one of Jae Song's beautiful capes:

Fountains by Brendah DeBow:

Jewelry by Linda Staib:

Whimsical ceramics by Renata Allen:

Faces by Renata:

Pit-fired ceramics by an artist whose name I don't know, unfortunately. They were beautiful, though... I love this art form.

My favorite piece - a Napa Valley picnic, by Gary Stutler. Some friends of my parents had a car like this when I was a kid waaaaaay back in the '40s... alas, theirs was nothing like this fabulous color!!

My quilts:


...and drink... along with another painting by Goodie and a quilt by me:

I'm really looking forward to the 2012 show!!