Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Congratulations Card

Now, this has got to be the coolest piece of mail I've received in the 43 years since I received the last card of this ilk. It came from my friend Susan, who constantly amazes me with her creativity. This is actually a postcard, and it really did come through the mail... arriving totally unscathed! But... the coolest thing - look at the stamp... it's a legit stamp, and it's got Susan's mug on it!! I've heard you could do this, but I've never seen it. I've GOT to find out how!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Francie,

VERY cool postcard! *having postcard envy* ... I'm sure you can get custom stamps on a lot of the online places now. The world has gone crazy. But one place I know you can do it is www.cafepress.com ... you can have your own private/free store and upload pictures to put on just about anything you can think of from mugs to t-shirts to stamps. It would be cool to have your cats on stamps!! I wonder if you can do this through SmugMug. I've been enjoying your SmugMug gallery. I've put pictures of the kittens on 6 x6 tiles through SmugMug and that is GREAT FUN.