Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extraction excitement

One of my teeth had been looking like this for quite a while - wasn't hurting, so, with my usual procrastinating self, I chose to ignore it. However, I still have another $999K of dental work to be done, and my dentist said he couldn't continue until the holey tooth came out. Not that I'm dying to go into further debt to the good DDS, but he made the right side of my mouth look so good after the first $999K job last year, I decided I might as well give in, so out came the bad guy. I now have a bathtub -sided hole in the upper left quadrant of my mouth, and a shitload of pain to go with it. I am, however, beginning to feel less and less pain as the day wears on...when I got home from the oral surgeon's factory this afternoon, I slept until the anesthetic wore off, then had to make an executive decision between the Rx for pain meds and brandy. I'm happy to say the brandy won. I'll probably exchange tooth pain for a hangover tomorrow, but at this point I don't give a shit.

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