Sunday, March 13, 2011

Further work on the new quilt...

It was a dreary, damp, dark day today - perfect for hanging out in my studio and working on my latest quilt. I mostly played around and experimented today, and managed to put two blocks together, as well as starting work on the quilt back. I'm pleased with the way everything turned out, and really enjoyed the extra hour of light thanks to the time change. Andre Previn, Erroll Garner, Bill Evans and Mike Greensill supplied mellow piano jazz in the background, further blissing me out. Both of these blocks, along with some other chunks of strips will find their way into the fourth and center segment of the quilt.

I took a couple of breaks along the way, and sat at my desk, alternately staring out the window and reading my new issue of "Where Women Create". In spite of the rain, the view was calm and relaxing, as always!

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Healing Woman said...

What a gorgeous quilt. It is so alive Francine.