Monday, July 4, 2011

Jig-Saw Puzzle Quilt

A few years ago, ten of us in the Vallejo Piecemakers Quilt Guild made a jig-saw puzzle quilt. Annette, the most artistic among us, designed a 12-piece puzzle on paper (about 8 feet square), then cut out the individual pieces and passed them out among us. The object was for each of us to make a quiltlet in the shape of our puzzle piece, and then "assemble" the puzzle. We put the completed puzzle on display at our 4-Guild luncheon, and it was a big hit. This afternoon, I was hiding out in my dark computer room, cruising through some old files while trying to stay cool, and I found a picture of the completed puzzle, as well as some pics of my puzzle piece. Here's the completed puzzle:

This is my piece:

And some details of my piece:

I'm going to plow through some more photo files and see if I can find close-ups of the other pieces, and will post them when/if I do...

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Healing Woman said...

Very clever. Also, I noticed all the cute cats lined up in a row and the musical embellishment-goes right along with your life it seems. Beautiful!