Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Succulent Garden

I love succulents! Well, in all honesty, I love just about everything I plant, but, succulents are my second favorite plants, after roses. Last week I finished preparing the third of the raised beds in the front yard, and have planted it with succulents. This endeavor is a test of my faith that I'm going to live for quite a few more years! These plants are very slow growing, so I have a goodly few years to wait for most of them to come into maturity. For now, I get to molly-coddle them, and, like children, watch them grow microscopically. I'll give you two views of what I've planted so far - the first picture is what the plant currently looks like in my garden, and the second is how I can expect it to look in a few years...

Aloe plicatilas - "Fan Aloe"

Agave cornelius

Echeveria 'afterglow'

Beaucarnea stricta

Graptoveria 'Crested Form"

Aeonium hierrense

Aeonium nobile

I'll be adding a few more in the next month, but they'll be small, spreading ground-huggers to fill in the wide open spaces. Stay tuned...

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