Friday, November 16, 2012

A Rant...

It's time for me to stop doing my slow burn and get back to blogging, no matter how frustrating the process may be. My computer is moribund... dying a slow death because its hard disk is almost at capacity, and performing any kind of task - e-mail, web-crawling, photo manipulation, Google searches, FaceBook, and, especially blogging, takes For. Frigging. Ever. My husband, the former Mr. Whiz-Bang Apple Guru, purchased a new iBook Pro over a year ago, and, in theory, after setting it up for himself, was to give me his current machine, reconfigured for my needs. Alas, for reasons that render me nearly homicidal, and which I have no desire to dump on my dear readers, this has never transpired. The new machine still sits in its box, and the FMWBAG is still using the machine I was supposed to get, and I'm still stumbling along using this pathetic, tired, overworked, filled to capacity, irritating, INFURIATING PIECE OF SHIT.

By not blogging, I'm saving myself a ton of frustration in dealing with a cranky computer, but, in the meantime, am amassing an equal tonnage of frustration by not being able to keep my blog updated. So, as of right now, I will, once again, stuff my irritation and begin working on my next post... no matter how long it takes. It may be several days before it appears, but I just wanted to give notice that it WILL appear, and this blog will be back in action in a day or two.

End of rant.

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Healing Woman said...

Thanks for the update~LOL! At least you wrote a comical and witty grumbling post...when my computer acts up I am so angry I can't even think straight! Take your time and don't worry, I'll bet your followers will be patient and wait for the next post-no matter how long it takes...LOL!