Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Round Robin

My quilt guild, Vallejo Piecemakers, started another Round Robin last month.

This is my center block, and, after visiting five other quilters, I'll get it back in July or August with five fabulous, exciting, creative, inspired and, hopefully, flamboyant, new borders. I got so uptight the last time I participated in a round robin (my first), I could hardly enjoy the process, but this time I'm very laid back about it. So laid back, in fact, that I haven't even started working on Virginia's center block yet, and it's due back in her hands on Saturday. Guess I'd better get busy. First, though, I need to fix myself a Jack 'n Coke and stare at it a bit longer.

Here's Virginia's block:

Adorable, eh? About as far away from my style as it's possible to get, but then... that's part of the challenge, isn't it?!

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