Monday, May 4, 2009

Life and Time march on...

While we're waiting for Dmitri to choose his path of recovery, life goes on around us. Last week, our niece, Kristen, was feted with a baby shower by her grandmother in Diablo. We're definitely not baby shower enthusiasts, in fact we're not even baby enthusiasts, but we went to this shower because the family has all moved away, and we never see them any more. We had a good time - it was fun to see everyone, including some old family friends we hadn't seen in ages. Zoe, the newcomer, received a ton of goods - she's definitely going to be the best dressed baby in Carson City. It was a beautiful day, Grandma Betty's drop-dead gawgeous house (high on a hill overlooking the Diablo Valley golf course) was, as always, a delicious place to hang out, the yummy food and wine kept coming, and there was only one baby shower game, which actually turned out to be rather fun! Kristen says Zoe has to "marinate" for another 6-8 weeks before making her appearance, so we'll officially be grand-uncle and aunt pretty soon. Such an honour!

Kristen and Einstein admire one of Zoe's new outfits. That's Kristen's sister, Tracy, and her husband, Eric, in the wedding picture in the background. Maybe they're next in the baby game...???

Einstein, obviously bored with the whole baby shower thing, decides his pig foot is muuuuuch more interesting!

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