Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

This is what my awesome husband gave me for my birthday last week. It was a totally unexpected, out of the blue, dropped from the sky, gift from The Goddess surprise. Decades ago, my very first car was a 1957 Thunderbird, and I've wanted another one ever since it went out of my life in 1964. When Ford introduced the Retro-Bird a few years ago, I was ecstatic... until I saw the price tag. But suddenly, right there before my eyes, in a tiny, obscure used car lot on Silverado Trail in Napa, there it was... the car of my lusts and dreams. In pristine condition, shiny, black, complete with portholes, and much more affordable than a few years ago! As we drove by the lot, I gasped and pointed breathlessly, my husband turned the Honda around and we went back to the lot, gave it a test drive, came home and talked about it all night, then went back up to Napa the next day and did the deed.

This has, unquestionably, been my best birthday gift ever!

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