Saturday, July 17, 2010

Iris Apfel - My New Hero

Whenever I see the word "Irreverent", it grabs my attention; doubly so whenever I see that word in connection with a woman. Now, when it's connected to an older woman - I don't care who or what she is... I definitely want to know more! I saw this book in a used book store a few months ago and just about dropped my laundry as I thumbed through the pages. I was headed for the cash register with it when I checked the price... it was HIDEOUS!!! Waaaaaay above the published price. Surely, I thought, this can't be the only copy left on the planet... where do they get the nerve trying to gouge a customer for such an outrageous figure?! I reluctantly reshelved the book, came home and checked on Amazon, and, sure enough, their price was totally reasonable. Only problem was, they didn't have any copies in stock, and politely requested I place my order anyway and they would notify me when they received more copies. Good luck with that... I'd be waiting forever. However, they had a number of private vendors with copies to sell and I found one who wanted even less than Amazon's list price. And it was brand new. (The copy in the used book store was more than a little shopworn.) So... it arrived yesterday and I've barely put it down since.

Iris Apfel is totally amazing! She is, in my opinion, a doyenne, a genius, a maestra, a wizzard, a prima dona (stop me before I embarrass myself) of fashion! At 88 years of age, she's a legendary style icon who continues to challenge visual culture with radical juxtapositions of disparate influences in spectacular, unexpected and playful wardrobe combinations. Her garments are fabulous, but her jewelry just knocks my socks off. If I had the $$$$ to be able to dress like her, I'd spend it all in a hot minute just to be able to dash headlong into my 70s in my idea of fashion perfection!

Enough!! Have a look for yourself:

Iris at home (she furnishes her house like she adorns her body...!):

I rest my case!!

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