Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Volunteers in the Garden

If it weren't for volunteers, I wouldn't have much of a garden this year. I haven't been at all inspired this time around, even though I've really tried to get enthused. All I've done in the back yard is fill a couple of wine barrels with tomatoes, and thrown enough water at the strawberry pot to bring them back to life. I tossed some potatoes I discovered sprouting in the pantry into another barrel a few months ago, and they're just about ready to dig up. Oh, yes... one sage plant and one thyme plant have survived the neglect as well.

We put out a lot of birdseed for our feathery friends, and they toss the black oil sunflower seeds all over the place, thereby guaranteeing themselves some fresh "seed on the stem"...

Once again, we have a survivor from last December's wild storms, in the form of a tomato plant. Last year's survivor grew insanely and filled up a hundred square foot area of the yard, and gave us hundreds of tomatoes. Hopefully, this year's survivor will do as well!

A bean somehow managed to hop across two other barrel planters and make a home with the tomatoes...

Since everything seems so determined in spite of my neglect, I guess I really should help things along a little more. Okay. I'll get busy.

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