Saturday, December 4, 2010

Party Time!

Today was the annual holiday party for my quilt guild - lots of food, way too much sugar, and plenty o' laughin' and scratchin' and good times. Here's my group of friends who always hang out together at meetings - we decorated our table with in a "Chocolate" theme (what goes better with quilters than chocolate?!)

On the right, front to back, Sandy, Nancy, Dale K, me, Lani. On the left, Phyllis, Dale W. and Annette.

Here's Sandy with a couple of her food-inspired decorations... styro tree forms covered with chocolate frosting and candy kisses, and choco frosting and choco chips. Silly fun!

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Healing Woman said...

You girls are party animals! The candy trees are so cute. On your previous post..what a wonderful holiday. The food, the family and the fun. I love it. I know I'm a Jewish mom (even though I'm Welsh) and I celebrate and honor all of you.