Thursday, October 13, 2011

PIQF - Day 1

It's that time of year again - my escape from Kansas to Oz... four days of creativity and of being surround by people who are as passionate about quilts as I. I arrived yesterday afternoon at the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel, checked into my large, comfortable room with its view for days, set up my internet connection, poured a nice, stiff Jack Daniel's, and crashed.

At 7:00 I headed downstairs to the convention center for the show's preview. Open only to those who have registered for classes. it's always the best time to see the show, because the rampaging hordes of people one encounters throughout the rest of the week haven't arrived yet, and it's possible to take pictures of quilts without spoiling the images with floating heads.

As usual, there were some absolutely wonderful quilts, and I noticed people took a special interest in "critters" this year...

'I Spy' by Ruth Bloomfield

'Lucy' by Alexandra Tsubota

'Raptor II' by Betty Busby

'Siesta' by Tanya Brown

More pictures later... I have to go down to the Starbuck's for my latte, and then head for class... Hand Quilting with Dierdra McElroy.