Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Care Package

Here's our annual holiday gift from Us to Us, from the good Camaldolese monks of New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur.

The main attraction is a 3-pound fruitcake, so drenched in brandy it makes your eyes water every time you open the package. It's coated with honey, and sticks to everything - the foil it came in, your plate, your fork, your fingers, the roof of your mouth... it's heaven!! So rich, a half-inch slice is entirely sufficient for one serving! Now, I know there's no middle of the road regarding fruitcake - you either love it or (like most people) hate it. I happen to totally love the stuff, and don't care how many other folks don't... the more people who hate it means the more there is for me!!

Truffles should be one of the five major food groups as far as I'm concerned. Here, we have a box of six truffles that weighs almost half a pound! Dark chocolate on the outside, and dark chocolate, or milk chocolate, or maple, or cherry, or raspberry or amaretto on the inside! There are no words in my vocabulary, or, for all I know, in the English language, to adequately describe these lumps of chocolate gold!

Fudge... Imagine the creamiest, richest, most buttery, most chocolaty, most decadent fudge you can think of... that's what this stuff is. Sigh...

And the Holy Granola... so crunchy, chewy and spicy... sprinkle some over your Greek yogurt, add a couple of spritzes of honey, and listen to that yogurt sing the Hallellujah Chorus!!


Birdie said...

Fruitcake. I hate it. Yours looks okay though because it doesn't have that awful yellow marzipan on top.

As for the truffles, fudge and Granola. They would not have made it to me writing a post.

Francie said...

Birdie, That's why I unwrapped everything and took photos within minutes of receiving the delivery. There's not much left at this point!