Friday, December 9, 2011


Here's the newest addition to our family... Willie. Named after the rough and tumble Willie Nelson, our Willie was a scruffy street boy before our neighbor, Sandy, managed to connect with him. He spent about a year on her enormous back patio, always happy to accept her food offerings, but always wary and hiding when any of us tried to approach him. Finally, the cold weather got to him, and we were able to get him into a carrier and took him to the vet for a physical and a fixin'. After a week or so of adjusting the routine at our house, we were able to bring him here to his "forever" home. After a few more weeks, he's socializing quite well, with only a few hisses and scuffles from some of the more cantankerous, older members of the family. For our part, we adore him... he quickly learned his name, and has turned out to be the world's biggest snuggle bug, and will give you as much lap time as you want, whenever you want. Though he enjoys sitting on window sills and looking outside, he runs away whenever a door opens, so I'm pretty sure he's quite happy being an indoor boy! We're happy too!

With Alessandro...


Birdie said...

And what a lovely kitty he is! I love when cats adopt *us*!


Francie said...

Birdie, Thanks for the adorable picture! I'm going to start using that one!

Sue Dennis said...

He is lucky to have such a good home. Merry Christmas to you & the crew there!

corina said...

What a wonderful story. Congratulations on your newest addition!