Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm so happy...!!!!!

I FINALLY had my second cataract surgery yesterday, and I am one very happy lady!! After two years of dealing with totally unbalanced eyes - the right one working at close ups and the left one working at distances - I can finally walk around without glasses and not fear falling on my keester and breaking my butt. Now, I can work at the computer, read a book, sew, play Solitare on my iPhone, climb stairs, read labels in the grocery store, watch television, order food from a menu, and, best of all, read music on the music desk of the piano and organ or on my flute music stand... ALL without needing glasses! I cannot begin to tell you how liberated I feel!

Distances will still require glasses, but I can totally live with that. It was just SUCH a drag (and an expensive one, at that) to have to wear one pair of glasses for normal day-to-day activities, and also keep reading glasses all over the place... in my purse, on the organ, on the piano, in my studio, by the computer... I feel as though I've been freed from a kind of bondage!

I'm thinking this wonderful change of events is going to make me far less crabby, too. Won't THAT make everyone happy!!!

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Healing Woman said...

Your husband must be rejoicing at the new ultra happy, dancing and singing, Francie. I have a feeling the old one wasn't so bad either.

Congratulations on your new vision!