Monday, January 2, 2012

Something New for the New Year

This book was recommend to me by my late friend Angus Crocker. In the last years of his life, Angus developed prostate cancer, and by the time it was discovered, it was already at "stage 4." Like anyone would, Angus wanted to fight the disease and live as long as he possibly could. Unlike just anyone would, Angus completely changed his diet and, with the help of this book managed to live several years beyond the time originally predicted for him. I visited him twice during this period of his life, and both times he prepared a lunch of recipes from this book. He declared it, "one of the best discoveries he'd ever made."

After spending much of last year dealing with injuries, major dental issues, and sundry health problems, I spent some time over the holidays really getting into this book. I've decided I'm going to "do an Angus", and see if, by changing my diet, I can turn my health around. Fortunately, I'm not dealing with any form of cancer (to my knowledge), but asthma, high blood pressure, and being seriously overweight are major issues I face every day. I've been trying (and failing) to eat a vegetarian diet for many years, and already have on hand in my pantry, many of the foods used to prepare the recipes in this book. It's high time to start using both the goods and the book!

As I approach my 70th birthday in February, I've set a goal to lose 70 pounds. It'll probably take me a couple of years, but, dagnabbit... I'm going to do it!

There! I've said it for all the world to hear!


Birdie said...

The more I hear about eating meat the less I want to eat it. Not only is it bad for us humans to eat, it is one of the reasons we are dealing with a dying planet. We simply cannot continue to eat the amount of meat we are currently eating.
In addition, the way animals are treated is terrible. For example, chickens are subjected to hormones, 24 hours of daylight and having their beaks cut down. We are injection animals with hormones and antibiotics. (One of the reasons humans are becoming immune to so many antibiotics.) It has to stop.
Keep us posted on how it goes! I am still eating meat but try to buy local organic meat from farmers that practice ethical treatment of their animals.

Sue Dennis said...

Way to go Francie! Vegan is becoming more popular in Australia too.

Healing Woman said...

I love the inspiration you have given with this posting and the fact that you posted it means you are serious. I need to loose weight this year because I'm going back to Ohio for my 50th class reunion. I'm goal oriented. Also, I had trouble with arthritic knees this year and vow to get the weight off. I do plan to go off of my diet occasionally when absolutely necessary but will follow your lead. Thanks so much for your determination and the book recommendation. I will check amazon for it.