Monday, September 17, 2012

Fork & Knife Underground Supper Club

Nestled on a cozy, average city lot in the unincorporated area of Vallejo, about a mile from where we live, is Two Crones Farm... what, to me, is the epitome of a dream I once had. Now that I'm seventy years old, I'll never realize that dream, but I can deal with that, because, thanks to Shelee and Kathi, I'm getting to see it unfold before my eyes. The best part is, I don't have to do any of the back-breaking work or the dirty mucking about required of a farm. Every few weeks, I can get a box of freshly picked veggies, fresh eggs, even fresh, natural honey... enough to feed the two of us until the next harvest is picked. I can even feed my lust for succulents and cacti from a totally amazing selection of healthy, unique plants. The frosting on the cake of this amazing dream is, once a month I get to partake of a fabulous, four-course meal prepared by a gourmet chef, served in an elegant and cozy setting in the midst of a beautiful garden, and attended by a raft of interesting people. Such was our experience this past Saturday evening. Come take a tour with me and share our fun evening...
The veggie garden
One of several humungous tomato plants
Dino Kale just getting started
Succulents... (my downfall)

 The dining area

The Menu
End of Summer Salad & Pimento Cheese Fonduta

Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Mushrooms &
Napa Cabbage Wraps

Apple Stuffed Roasted Pork Loin &
Chickpea and Black Bean Falafel

Late Summer Fruit Trifle

I can hardly wait until next month's feast!


Birdie said...

I am jealous! What an amazing place. :-)

Dali Lobo said...

Francie, these dishes look wonderful.

Were the photos of the serving dishes or just your plate?

How do you get invited to these wonderful meals?

Dali Lobo said...

Great food. Great dishes.

How do you get invited to the dinners?

Francie said...

Only the picture of the salad is my plate; the others are the serving dishes. I know about these dinner events because I buy veggies from the farm where the dinners are held.

Healing Woman said...

Holy Cow! How exciting. I checked out the link to Two Crones Farm. Love it. We have a farm here in Roanoke called Riverstone that has fresh produce for members once a week but there is no dinner involved. I loved seeing the pictures of that glorious feast! Would even love the recipes but I suppose that don't give those out..Maybe they should do a cookbook with each of the dinners featured! Thanks so much for showing this amazing feast and farm!

Sue Dennis said...

That all looks so delicious and I wish I could live close by too!