Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Having the Last Word

The tenacity of plants always amazes me. Weeks after I thought I'd seen the last of the Iris for this year, this beautiful lady sent up another bloom to remember her by. She's one of my favorites, though I can't remember her name because her little plastic name tag got blown away during the last rain and wind blitz. (Maybe one day I'll keep better records of what's growing where, but, more likely, maybe not...) I expect she'll be around for a few more days, before fading away into next Spring. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll have a surprise awaiting her rebirth next year... she and all of her Iris friends, along with a few crocus, tulips, daffodils, narcissus, lilies, and hyacinths are going to be moved to the giant new bulb planter in the front yard of the lower house, where they'll all be in bed together and present a traffic-stopping show when they wake up next Spring!

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