Friday, November 7, 2008

New Magazine

Where Women Create is a new magazine from Stampington & Company, who publish a bunch of mags I just love - Bell Armoire, Altered Couture, Artful Blogging, Somerset Life, the kind of magazines that provide the occasional dose of eye candy I consider necessary for maintaining a certain quality of life! The main reason this new mag is special to me is that I LOVE seeing other artists' studios and creative spaces. While I'm totally happy with my own studio, and wouldn't change anything (except the size - as in more, please), I still get a kick, not to mention inspiration, excitement and motivation, out of seeing what others have done with their space to fire their art. This magazine is very generous with photographs - so often an article about someone's studio leaves me panting for more... two or three photos are nice, but six or seven, or even more, would be so much nicer. Well, that's just what you get here - page after page of photos you just want to get lost in! Even though many of the featured studios are way too frou-frou for me, and most aren't even quilters' studios, I still love looking at such a glorious array of pictures of room arrangements, storage ideas, lighting features, and so much more. If you find a copy of this mag, pick it up, take it home, curl up in a cozy corner with your beverage of choice, and knock yourself out!

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Barbara said...

Hi Francie!

I've enjoyed tip-toeing into a few of your recent posts and love your boldness with fabrics!!!!!

Sympathy on the loss of sweet Clara. We're dog people with 2 cats and no dogs for the last few years. Go figure!

Love the causes you fight for and I so agree! Only difference is that I find a few greedy schemers worth shooting: Cheney, Rove, Sr. Bush,all who helped steal the last two elections, and all who were in charge of building those toxic trailers for the Katrina victims. May there be Justice!

Hope I can get as enthusiastic about sewing again as you are. My UFOs abound.