Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is It November Already???

My Thanksgiving Cactus is beginning to bloom, so I guess it is, indeed, November. I can't believe how fast the year has boogied on by. This plant was insulted by the frost last Febuary, and the leaves turned red in protest. I thought they would turn green again with the spring or summer, but they didn't. While I'd prefer green leaves on my plants as a matter of esthetics, I don't mind the red tint as it goes nicely with the pink flowers.


silversewer said..., have a look at this site, we go not have guilds the same as you do in the US. The UK is divided up into Regions........

The Quilters Guild is our main body if you like and they have just moved their offices and museaum to York from Halifax.

LadyLuz said...

What a beauty, Francie. Our peachy coloured one is beginning to show buds, but alas the stems are not turning colour like yours.

Love your blog.