Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving Leftovers...

Say what? Who is EVER thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers? Not I, usually, however this year was different - I prepared a delicious eight-pound lasagne with all the trimmings - garlic bread, stir-fried Italian veggies, green salad with persimmons, apples, cranberries and a lemon vinegrette, and, in my one nod to traditionalism, pumpkin pie. The trimmings are long since gone, but last night we enjoyed another dose of lasagne, which, unlike turkey, gets better the longer it sits, quietly seasoning, in the refrigerator. There's enough for two more dinners, and I'm ALWAYS thankful for any dinner I don't have to prepare from scratch.
I remember so many past years when Thanksgivings were a major nightmare dreaded by all - dinner with the whole family, few of whom could stand each other, followed by some sibling arguments, the obligatory football game, too much to drink, and the necessity of graciously accepting a ton of leftovers "so all of this good food doesn't go to waste." If there was always so much left over, why cook so $#%@&!! much in the first place????? Alas, that was a lesson that never got learned... Now that there's just the two of us, neither of whom gives a fig for tradition, I think we've finally gotten it right.

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