Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Diana Triumphs!

In mid-December, we noticed one of our fur-babies was loosing weight. Then, about a week before Christmas, she stopped eating... bad news. We took her to the Vet where they did some blood work, and the results were exactly what we didn't want to hear... highly elevated Creatinine, BUN and Phosphorus... all signs pointing to kidney failure. She also had what they called a "massive" bladder infection. They immediately put her on IV fluids and antibiotics and tacitly indicated we should prepare for the worst. She was in hospital for six days, during which time repeated blood tests didn't show any improvement. The day after Christmas, after yet more discouraging blood work, we brought her home, and started administering the fluids and antibiotics ourselves. We're old hands at this, having had four previous "kidney cats". Almost immediately, she started eating again, and acting like she was feeling better. We were hugely heartened. Over the following days, she continued to eat well, returned to her usual social self with the other cats, and became seriously more affectionate and demonstrative towards us, in spite of the fact that we were poking her with needles and ramming pills and other objectionable stuff down her throat twice a day. The day after New Year's we took her back to the Vet for another round of blood tests, and the next day, received the astounding news that the Creatinine value was down by half, BUN was at "high normal" and Phosphorus was in the mid normal range.YAY!!!!! We're to continue with fluids and antibiotics for another month, and then return for another round of blood tests, and this time we expect a complete recovery. However, if you feel like sending healing thoughts and mojo in Diana's direction, they would be much appreciated!

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