Thursday, June 25, 2009

No excitement here...

As my header says... Excitement??? Not here! This has been a month of taking care of sick cats and little else. It's sent us into some terrible habits that we're now working our butts off to break; staying up too late, getting up too late, drinking too much, eating too much take-'n'-bake pizza, wasting too much time in front of the computer, lumping around doing nothing... UGH. June has been an almost total waste. By the time we give three cats six doses of sub-q fluids, four pills, and five syringes of liquid meds (all of which they hate and fight like tigers to avoid), then deal with feeding the sick ones (who are fussy as hell), then feed the twenty healthy ones and worry about who's eating enough, who's not eating enough, who's trying to steal food from another, who's punching who out because they sense our anxiety, et cetera and et cetera; all of this on a daily basis just wears us out.

Even though my acceptance of the B.W.O. pledge (Blogging Without Obligation) exempts me from apologizing for lapses in blog entries, I feel bad about missing so many days. I really enjoy blogging, both doing my own and reading the ones I follow, and sometimes wish I had a more exciting life so I'd have more to post. But then I sit down and take a few deep breaths and let the feeling pass over me. I like my slow, sometimes humdrum, life very much. I had enough excitement to last a lifetime during my years in St. Louis, Los Angeles, and San Francisco - the memories are wonderful, but I wouldn't get myself back into that life style for anything, thank you!

Re the cats, Dmitri is much better - the only thing remaining from his terrible ordeal of eight weeks ago is loss of stability in his right hind leg. He gets around fine, and recently has been quite active. He tires easily due to the congestive heart failure, but his blood work looks good, and he's eating well. Right now, we couldn't ask for more. Jenny is regaining weight and energy, eating much better, and becoming more feisty and active. Diana isn't doing as well - continues to lose weight, isn't eating very well, and is drinking a lot of water - all of which probably indicate her lab values are going back up. She's going to the vet this weekend, so we'll know soon.

Life goes on...

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