Monday, August 24, 2009

YAY!! Dimples!!

I had a very pleasant online shopping experience last week. I use a lot of Andover Fabrics "Dimples" pattern in my work, and was beginning to run alarmingly short of several colors. We all know that sinking feeling... cut, cut, cut, sew, sew, sew... Oh NO!! SHIT... there's no more of THAT fabric... ARGGGGG! After a panic-filled internet search, I found a few sites offering "Dimples" fabric, but most of them only had 5-10 color choices, none of which were the two colors I wanted. As my despair deepened, I ultimately wound up at The Old Country Store where I found Dimples in 119... yes... really... ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN colors! I have no idea how long their supplies will last, but, for now, they have enough to hold me for years! I intend to go back over the next few months (after the next few SSI checks) and lay in a supply of other colors that will blitz my fears of ever running out again. The customer service was great - I screwed up my order, but sent them a quick e-mail, and they fixed everything and sent out my order the next day. The shipment arrived two days ago, and I'm back to work on a stalled project, and happy as a clam at high tide. Best of all - in addition to great selection, great service, and the best price I've ever seen for this fabric, my order was packed in color wheel order, and it looked soooooo beautiful when I pulled it out of the package! How cool is that? I love it! Check 'em out!

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A Quilting Fool said...

I love dimples too - not sure why, just do! New website for me to try! miss seeing you, my friend.