Monday, September 28, 2009

Back at the Auction... AGAIN...!

I'm in luck... tomorrow is the last day of the SAQA auction. That means I can start saving my money again! This is my most recent, and probably, final, purchase this year... "The Grass Beneath Thy Feet", by Judy Haas.

The stitching on this piece just blew me away - so wild and free - it rather reminds me of the beautiful, wild land at Sea Ranch - where I'd like to live more than any other place on this planet. A fun fantasy to have, but it'll never happen. Thankfully, I'm quite content right here on La Canyada Hill. The auction has been fun, and I'm absolutely delighted with my four purchases - all of which have a significant meaning to me in one way or another, and I'm enjoying looking at them every day, which is how art should make one feel. Biggest problem is to find a place to hang them - my studio is the best place, where they can inspire me on a daily basis, but wall space is getting scarce in there, especially since I added all of the new shelving. But, never fear... I'll figure something out!

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