Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back at the Auction

I just can't stay away from the SAQA Auction! Today, I bought two pieces from the Week 2 collection. I missed out on the one piece I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally wanted. The bidding in my price range began at 11:00 this morning, and even though I was watching the clock like a hawk and got my bid in at 11:04, someone else was more on top of it, and got there first. Dang! This is worse than closing moments on eBay! I was heartbroken for a few minutes, but got a grip and did succeed in getting my second choice, and quickly found another to fall in love with. Here are my two treasures from today:

This is titled "Currents" and is by Sally Gould Wright. Much of Sally's work is quite whimsical and full of detail - the kind of quilts I just like to sit and stare at for minutes on end. The thing that really made me fall in love with this one is the embellishments. I'm an embellishment nut... but you knew that...!

This is "Remains of the Day" by Linda Witte Henke. Linda is a very spiritual person - something with which I can truly resonate. Much of her art is liturgical, and thanks to many years of making liturgical art myself, her work really speaks to me. Again, this piece has the detail I love... I doubt I'll ever tire of looking at it.

Week 3 bidding begins on Thursday. I'm hoping I can rein myself in this time around. But it's for such a good cause...!


Lisa Ellis said...

I love the SAQA pieces you chose. I admired them too!

Sally Gould Wright said...

Francie -

Thanks for the post about my quilt! I'm so glad it made it to an appreciative audience. I enjoyed making "Currents" and was so glad that it raised some money for SAQA

Sally Wright