Friday, February 12, 2010

Who says animals don't mourn?

Elvis is a different cat since the passing of his best friend, Dmitri, a couple of weeks ago. The two of them were practically inseparable - always hanging together, awake or asleep, with Dmitri being the dominant cat. Dmitri spent hours grooming the other cats - washing their heads, chewing at their necks, reaming out their ears - but he focused the bulk of his attention on Elvis, to the extent that we nicknamed Elvis "Mr. Bad Hair Day" because his fur was always sticking out in all directions thanks to Dmitri's constantly licking his head. Now, with Dmitri gone, all Elvis does is sleep. He doesn't play with the other cats, no longer bullies or beats anyone up, won't play with the track toy or any other toys... just lies around and mopes. We've been trying to give him lots of strokes and attention, which he seems to enjoy at the time, but afterward he just curls up and zones out again. The vet says he'll come out of it eventually, but it's so very sad to watch, and only exacerbates our own sadness over Dmitri's passing.
Here they are in happier times...

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