Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beading 101

I love big, bold pieces of jewelry, especially necklaces, so it's not surprising I adore Iris Apfel and her stupendous jewelry (see my post of July 17, 2010). I've always dreamed of creating such pieces, so when a new beading store appeared on the Downtown Vallejo horizon (see August 6 post), I decided the time had come for me to learn. I've been buying beads for years, and, like a lot of my fabric, I spend a great deal of time admiring and playing with my beads, but have never been brave enough to jump in and make something. Silly, because it's a lot "safer" to play with beads than with fabric - if you don't like what you've done with your beads, you can just snip the beading cord and start stringing all over again. On the other hand, just TRY "uncutting" fabric!

Anyway, last night I took my first beading class, and this is what I made...

Its' big, bulky, and weighs a ton, which is exactly how I like my necklaces to be! The first friend who saw it offered to buy it on the spot. Hmmmm... this is something to think about...!

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Healing Woman said...

Your necklace is lovely. You are right, there is no sense in putting off things you have wanted to do for a long time. I keep saying, "Think Now." Because of that, I'm so busy lately I meet myself coming and going at the door. If this is your first necklace, I can imagine how they will evolve. An idea just hit, what about creating a quilt with cloth necklaces all throughout.