Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I did my bi-weekly fresh egg run to Soul Food Farm this afternoon. The drive there (about 25 miles on I-80, one of the nastiest commute arteries in the Bay Area) was absolutely dreadful. Even though I knew the reverse-commute drive home would be much more civilized, I felt the need to re-group before I got back on the highway. So, I sat at a picnic table in the shade of an enormous tree, and chicken watched for half an hour. The normally very hot farm was quite balmy this afternoon, and I felt totally refreshed after my break.

This little lady kept walking past me and making the most wonderful, soft chicken noises as she scratched and pecked.

I love chickens, and wish we could have a few in our yard, but I must rein in my enthusiasm and be sensible, and leave our menagerie where it stands, at 21 cats. No sense being a total fool! I'll stick with quilted chickens. I don't know who made this adorable piece, but isn't it wonderful? It's hanging at the shop where I bought my new sewing machine.

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Healing Woman said...

That commute to the chicken farm would have done me in too. We are so lucky in the Roanoke Valley because there are no traffic problems. Driving is extremely easy and there are all kinds of Amish farms and farmers in the Floyd area, which is close to me. We only have to take a 2 lane to get there.

The chicken quilt is fantastic. Goes perfect with your post~