Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beauty To Soothe the Soul...

I love orchids! Surprise!! How could I not?? I grew up surrounded by them... football field-sized greenhouses full of them, a library of books, and an army of gardeners who lived and breathed every aspect of orchid culture. While I've never been interested in competing with my grandfather in growing the exotic varieties, I can truly exercise my love of them thanks to the incredible supermarket where I shop! Apparently, they've hooked up with a local Phalaenopsis breeder, and are constantly featuring new and exciting hybrids... few of which I can resist! While I'm a member of the American Orchid Society, and read their monthly publication from cover to cover, I'm more interested in the eye candy factor than the nuts and bolts end of things. I just adore their beauty, and orchids supply beauty in spades!!

Here's my newest "baby"... when I bought it, it was only a stalk, with one open bloom, and about a dozen tightly closed buds. I've been patient and loving... talking to it every day, and playing only the mellowest of Jazz while I work in my studio, where it resides on my desk. It's rewarded me beyond my wildest expectations by opening a new bud every few days or so, and now, it's so heavy with beautiful blooms I've had to add extra clips to hold it to its stake! It still has a couple of buds that haven't opened, but I can't wait any longer to share its beauty!

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Healing Woman said...

How glorious! This is one plant I have never had any luck with..