Thursday, November 3, 2011

PIQF - The World's Greatest Money Sinkhole!!

Q: What'dya buy at PIQF????

African Prints

African "Solids"

African "Crackle" Fabric

Mud Cloth

Mud Cloth Squares

I decided to buy every piece of Australian fabric I saw that I was (reasonably) sure I didn't already own...

Leaf prints by Sue Dennis

Monoprints by Sue Dennis

From my favorite Hand-Dyed fabric artist on the planet: Judy Robertson

Couldn't walk away without a few books...

And some cool rubber stamps...

There's a bit more... later...

1 comment:

Healing Woman said...

I'm just drooling after coming to your post today. I love all those fabrics you have shown, especially the variety of mudcloth, which I can get here in Roanoke, but only basics. The Australian cloth is gorgeous too. I'll bet you come up with some amazing quilts with all the fabric you bought.

Thanks for showing the quilts from the show as well. All quite wonderful.