Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hell To Pay...

Well, the worst has happened... this morning, my sad old computer wheezed its last and said, "Bye... I'm outta here," then laid down it's pore, tired haid and died. Everything's gone... over 4,000 photos, my address book, passwords file, iTunes library of hundreds of pieces of music, bookmarks, calendar, e-mails, and Goddess knows how much else. I'm in shock, and really can't even think about it right now. Of course, the proposed data transfer to the new machine never happened. In addition, we won't even mention the embarrassing fact  that I, as a former main frame computer operator who bloody damn well knows better, never did a backup on that sad, sick machine. So, even though the new machine is mine to use, I'm at ground zero as far as my important stuff is concerned. Oh well, no use whining... it's a done deal. As for how "important" it all really was... just how important is anything in the long run?

I'm facing my Armageddon, and it serves me right.


Birdie said...

Crap. That is awful and I know because it has happened to me. I love hundreds of pictures of my kids.

Don't give up though. Take it to a professional and see if anything can be done. Probably not but it is worth checking.

Hilary said...

Thanks for stopping over at Crazy as a Loom.....I came over to check you out, and was amazed. Love your attitude, and share a lot of likenesses, although I'm not up to 22 cats YET.
Congrats on 6 months!!! That's wonderful.