Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Aren't these just incredibly cool?!

I booth-sat at the Solano County Fair today for my quilting guild, and, wandering around the art exhibits, found these fabulous masks. No information about where they came from... a crafts class? a club? a school art class? Dunno... Anyway, they reached out and grabbed me! Wonder if something similar could be rendered in fabric??? Something to add to my ever expanding projects list.


arkivarie said...

Theoretically you should be able to make fabric masks. I'd machine quilt the fabric pieces and then construct the mask (by hand stitching the separate pieces together). Next I would embellish the entire mask with beads, embroidering, etc. Dagnabbit!!! Now you've gotten the little wheels in my head spinning!!! GRIN

Sylvia said...

You write very well.