Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Bug Quilt

For the past month I've been a member of a Yahoo group working with this book. It's a fun book, full of ideas, exercises, examples, and links to art quilters' websites, and, even though I've made art quilts for almost a decade, I'm discovering new ideas and ways to think about designing and constructing my future art quilts. The group is studying one chapter a month, and I, and most of the other participants, will be making a small quilt every month utilizing techniques and methods discussed in each chapter. Each of us chose a "theme" for our series, and I chose "Bugs". I've never worked in a series before, so I'm looking forward to the challenge. Below is my Chapter 1 quilt. Though it's difficult to see, I made my first attempt at free-motion machine quilting, and it came out really well. Like the organ lessons, this is another example of "why did I wait so long???!"

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holly said...

The quilt block is gorgeous! I love the bugs too. My son would adore it as well. What a great idea to work with others through a book. Awesome job!