Friday, August 27, 2010


Today I received Amy's annual report from World Vision. Amy lives is a small village near Thies, in west central Senegal. Her community is, unfortunately, very poor, and each day is a struggle, though things have improved a little since World Vision began working in the area. Amy lives with her uncle and one brother. No mention has ever been made of her parents, so I don't know if they are alive. In spite of the family's poverty, Amy is able to attend school and is in grade 5. She is a good student and her favorite subject is history; she also says she is good at "conjugation". Admittedly she has me beat there - I was lousy at conjugation - both in English and foreign languages. She likes playing team games, and contributes to the family life by pounding millet and washing the clothes. Amy will be 13 in a few weeks, and she has grown up considerably in the past year. She looks quite mature in this year's photo, compared to her distinct little girl look last year.

I made a bag for her for her birthday, and will be sending it off tomorrow, along with some stickers, a pack of colored pencils and a drawing pad.

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Healing Woman said...

The bag is really lovely Francie. The yellow will add a little cheer to her life, which is probably a lot different than our lives were at 13.