Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally finished piecing this monster...!

I started piecing this top waaaaaay back sometime early last year. Then Dmitri got sick, then Diana got sick, then they both got sicker, and Martin and I got swamped with their care. Not that I minded for a minute the time spent caring for them, but it was so involved and ongoing, it just sucked all the energy and creativity out of me. Occasionally, I managed to work a few hours at a stretch, a time or two a week, but I need concentrated, non-stop, daily time to work at my best. Then, after all of that care, both kitties died - Dmitri in January and Diana in June. The mourning process for both precious kids was intense and lengthy. I've finally gotten both feet back on the ground, and am, once again, able to apply the time and energy I need to make stuff happen. I finished the top two days ago, and am beyond happy to have it done, as well as totally happy with the results. I began work on the back yesterday, and, hopefully, will have it done in a week or two. Then I can take it all to the senior center on a Piecemakers meeting day and make the "sandwich", and start quilting it. With my new machine at the ready, I'm really looking forward to the quilting process, for once! It'll probably take at least a month to quilt because I really went off-scale with all the ditzy, small pieces this time. Plus, I want to try some free-motion stitching on the panels (if I can get up the nerve!)
Stay tuned...!


Cotton Picker said...

What a stunning arrangement. I think you did a really good job and I can see this hanging on my red wall. :)

Sorry to read about your cats. As a fellow cat lover, I understand.

Mastering It said...

This is beautiful, but, then, you know how I feel about your work!!! Well done.