Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I received the annual "progress report" for one of the two children I sponsor through World Vision. Her name is Rekha, and she lives in the state of Karnataka on the southwestern coast of India. She's now ten years old, and was just promoted from 2nd to 3rd class at her school. The report says she's a very good student, whose favorite subject is Kannada, her native language, and whose current ambition is to be a teacher. This report states Rekha is in good health, is a happy and cheerful child, and enjoys playing with friends, and playing the popular game of kho-kho, an energetic team game of chase and pursuit, played on a field of 27x15 meters.

Since I'm such a terribly non-maternal person, World Vision offers me the opportunity to watch from afar (best for all concerned) as two young girls grow up, and to participate in their well being, as well as helping the community in which they live. For a paltry monthly sum (auto-deducted from my bank account so I don't even miss it) I, along with other sponsors, can help the girls with things like health care, education and school supplies, clothing, better food and clean water. It's difficult to believe my small donation can go so far. I get the pleasure of writing to my sponsored children and sending them small gifts such as colored pencils, drawing paper, hair ribbons, balloons and stickers. They write back to me and keep me apprised of how they're doing in school and life in general. All of this I do from the comfort of my own way-too-comfortable lifestyle. Oy... it makes me feel like such a mentsh!

I can't recommend this happy, painless process enough, and urge everyone to adopt a child and start gathering your own very feel-goods! Go to World Vision to find out how.

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Healing Woman said...

What a wonderful way to exercise your non maternal instinct!

I am very soft hearted about children. I always said I could never visit an orphanage because I'd come home with dozens.

I really commend you for your efforts in helping a part of the world that needs it. Of course, there are many places these days. I'm also glad the children are keeping in touch with you because at least you know they are getting the benefit of the money you send.