Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Full Moon

This picture hardly does justice to what I saw last night - it was one of those, "You had ta be there" moments. As dusk fell, I was flinging water everywhere, trying to revive both myself and my herb garden, when I looked up the street and saw the moon rising over the crest of the hill at the end of our street. It was sorta like Stonehenge, with the moon shining through a slit in the rocks. Well, at least that's what it reminded ME of, and I thought it was very cool!

This week, summer dropped on us like an atom bomb. Last weekend was in the comfortable mid 70s, Monday it was in the mid 90s, and yesterday it was over 100. Today is a little cooler, and, at least, the air is moving, sending a delicious breeze drifting through the open windows. In typical San Francisco Bay Area fashion, which dictates, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute..." , the prediction is for cooling through the weekend, then the bomb is going to drop again next week. I may not like it, but my tomatoes and green peppers are ecstatic!

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Healing Woman said...

Yes, I remember when I'm in the San Franciscan area to always take a sweater with me, no matter what the season. It can change and does!

Nothing like a full moon. Beautiful shot.