Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This has been the coldest summer I can remember in many years. There's been daily wind roaring up the hill from the Bay, and I've seen enough of the marine layer to last me the rest of the year. I'll do my best to remember these days the next time it's in the 90s, without a hint of a breeze or a fog patch in sight. This evening, around 7:30 a blast of sun finally punched it's way through the fog for a few minutes, and made it look as though the heavens were on fire. Then it quickly disappeared and the gloom returned.

Many of my friends who grow stuff are, along with me, whining about rock hard green tomatoes, itty-bitty beans, and non-existent green peppers. One of my six tomato plants is performing splendidly, but, so far, all of the others are duds. There's a lot of promise, in the form of green rocks, so I still have hope. Today, I managed to find enough green beans for dinner, a generic salad tomato, and a generous wad of Sweet 100s...

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Healing Woman said...

Our summer in Virginia has been just the opposite of yours. It is nearly 100 degrees every day and my garden is suffering too.

I've enjoyed getting to know you by scrolling down through your blog posts. I absolutely love your Ladies of Senegal 2 quilt. Color palette is fabulous. All those blacks with the red is striking.

I'm going to become a follower and look forward to more of your interesting posts.

PS: Watch out for Jack! LOL