Friday, August 13, 2010

Food experiment...

I was right in the middle of making hummus this afternoon, when I discovered I was out of tahini. UGH! I hate it when that happens!!! Hard to believe, because I use a lot of tahini around here. Not wanting to schlepp the 20 mile round trip to the grocery store, I said, "This is a job for Google!" I found a bunch of recipes, but one was so simple I decided to dive in and try it...

2 cups toasted sesame seeds
1/3 cup olive oil

What could be easier?

Instructions said to use a food processor and pulse until the desired consistency was reached. Since my f.p. was full of the half-made hummus, I used my blender instead, and it worked just fine, though the blender sounded like it was going to die. I ultimately added about a half cup of olive oil to get it as thin as I like it. It's a little "grainy" - sort of like peanut butter, but I don't mind that. The best thing is that it doesn't taste as bitter as the product I've been buying for years... so, guess what? I'm never doing store-bought again! I think I'll try experimenting in the future - maybe make it with a mix of olive oil and toasted sesame oil... or, perhaps, use lemon-infused olive oil... I love experimenting! Especially when the experiment comes out great!

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Healing Woman said...

The fact that you had 2 cups of sesame seeds hanging around at your house amazes me. I usually just have part of a small container left from oriental dishes. The lemon infused olive oil really would be good. I'm going to give your recipe a whirl.