Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Again

I slept in until 9:30 this morning and still felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I dragged my butt out of bed and showered and packed up my stuff. As usual, I bought too much, and finding space for everything was a major task. An even more major task was cramming everything into the car. I'd taken the Thunderbird for this trip because I didn't trust either of the other cars to, politely put, serve me well. Fortunately, hotel Bellmen know their business, and after a few false starts, "Nick" made everything fit. Unfortunately, The Heavens chose this day to open themselves wide, and the Bay Area experienced its first rain of the season. Everything, including my poor tired body, got soaked. I sat in the car for a while, arguing with myself as to whether or not to drive directly home, or go in and eat some lunch, then, hopefully revived, tackle seeing the quilt show. After all, the show was the second most important reason I made this trip in the first place. Lunch and show won, and I really did enjoy myself once I got the lead out.

The drive home was another matter... it was totally unenjoyable. Two major accidents turned what should have been a 75 minute drive into over three hours. Thanks to the above mentioned first rain of the year, the highway was covered with a rainless summer's worth of crud, and even I experienced a few slippery moments along the way. Both accidents were dreadful, and, sadly, I'm sure one of them must have been fatal... I don't see how anyone could have gotten out of that truck alive.

At home, I awakened Martin from his afternoon nap and we schlepped my stuff into the house. I made a half-hearted stab at putting a few things away, before I collapsed on the futon, allowed myself to be covered by cats, and hit Lights Out for three hours. Upon awakening, we fed the cats, then I zoned out in front of the tube to watch a couple of CSI episodes Martin had recorded while I was gone.

While I had a fantastic time over the past few days, I behaved like a brainless fool... I ate meat, drank alcohol, had so many lattes I lost count, and scarffed desserts like there was no tomorrow... ricotta cheesecake, double chocolate fudge cake, and a marvelous concoction called affogato, which was a totally new experience for me... vanilla gelato "drowned" in espresso with a dash of chocolate. (Ack!!! I want another one right now!!) In an attempt to return to sanity, I prepared myself a green smoothie for dinner... pineapple, banana, watermelon, orange juice and spinach.

It tasted healthy and wholesome, though nothing remotely resembling an affogato, but it made me feel virtuous, and I guess it worked... here I am blogging at almost 2:00 a.m., and I feel pretty good. I probably won't feel pretty good in the morning, so I'm off to give the cats their bedtime treats, and rack up some honest sack time for myself. I'll wrap up the PIQF news and post some more pictures tomorrow.

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Healing Woman said...

What a time you had Francie! All that food and all those desserts sound so yummy. I know when you wake up today you will be so glad you made the effort to do all that you did at the show. It all sounded enchanting-classes, food, show,

Thanks for posting.