Friday, October 29, 2010

Ready for class...NOT!

Tomorrow is my Chicken Quilt class, and, as usual (alas), I'm totally unprepared. Well, maybe not totally... I DID get the fabric washed. There's a shitload of pre-cutting, though, and it's just not gonna get done before 9:00 tomorrow morning! Fortunately, this is a Guild class, and didn't cost an arm and a leg, and, additionally, is being taught by two excellent teachers who always prepare copious and crystal clear notes, and whom I can call, e-mail, or otherwise bug, if I need help. So I should be able to figure things out, even if it IS a "traditional" quilt! (Hey... I haven't made one of those in at least three years.) Look for chickens in my future...!


Healing Woman said...

This sounds veeeery interesting. I'll keep checking your blog to see what you come up with.

Sue Dennis said...

I have a friend who was really into 'chook' quilts a few years back. Will wait for the photos!