Saturday, October 16, 2010

PIQF - Day 3

Today's class with Sue was the most fun ever! I'm serious! I, along with a whole bunch of women who, like myself, were many years past school age, spent the entire day behaving like first-graders, as we discovered the joy of sloshing paint about and making a grand mess. We put on our aprons, some donned latex gloves, while others, like myself, let the paint fly where it would, getting it all over our hands and under our fingernails and on our aprons and generally not giving a rat's ass where it went. Before class, some clipped leaves from plants in their front yards, others sniped leaves from trees and plants in gas stations and rest stops along the way, while others (who will remain nameless) crept out early in the morning, and clipped leaves from the lush gardens surrounding the hotel. We then brought those leaves to class, where we painted them and rolled them, and created beautiful salutes to nature. It was total and absolute fun, and I can hardly wait to get home to some of the beautiful plants in my own yard, and start making magic with them. Here are two of the pieces I created today:

And here are some created by my classmates...

Only half of us stayed on our feet to the end of the class - too much fun just wears one out! Here we are... the diehard hold-outs!

Here are some more of my favorites from the show...

The "Judges Choice" Award


Woodland Critters

Pandora about to open the fateful box

Tomorrow (Sunday) is my day to see the show. Up until now, I've only been able to enjoy snippets of it, due to the fact that my classes have taken up most of my time. I'll probably take hundreds of pictures tomorrow, and will then try to figure out a way to make them available for viewing.

I want to thank Sue from my heart, for one of my best PIQF experiences ever. I feel as though I've elevated my Surface Design education to a new level, and am very excited as I anticipate a new rush of creativity on my immediate horizon. In the meantime, it's way after midnight at the end of three days of exhilarating creativity. I'm totally bushwhacked and have never in my life been more ready to hit the sack!

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Healing Woman said...

Yes. I'll bet you have a good sleep of contentment. You had such a fulfilling time while at the show. The class does look like fun. The quilts are all spectacular.