Monday, October 18, 2010

More favorites from PIQF...

I wanted to post a few more pictures of quilts from the show. I wish I had a better camera, as well as the time and software to publish many more photos. In fact... I'd love to shoot the entire show and put it all on a CD, with information about each quilt and artist, but, if I did that, I wouldn't have time to make any quilts of my own. So, here are a dozen more to give you another shot of eye candy before I wrap up my PIQF report. As should be obvious, my preference is for art quilts and pictorial pieces. To give credit where it's due, there were some absolutely astounding traditional quilts in the show, but, while I admire the time and workmanship that goes into them, they just don't do much for me, so I seldom photograph them.

Wonderful quilting in this one, but it's quite invisible here. ~8>(

Interesting 3-D effect.

More adorable animals.

Gorgeous Japanese fabrics.

Look at the embellishments!!

Detail of above.

Good example of thinking outside the box (or border).

Beautiful colors, fabulous curves!

Detail of above.

I LOVE black and white pieces! (Though I can't believe this got hung on a black background...)

More great color.

IMO, the piece de resistance of the show. This one has everything... color, black & white, curves, and bling, bling, bling, with embellishment in the form of a mind-boggling 55,000, that's fifty-five THOUSAND Swarovski crystals. It was drop-dead beautiul... just ALIVE with light and color. Fortunately, it was one of the last quilts I viewed... what could follow this???!!!

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