Saturday, October 2, 2010

SAQA Auction Revisited...

Alison Schwabe - "Timetracks 20"

I first saw Alison's work in one of my books for the Quilt National Show. I'm in the process of trying to buy all of the books from previous QN shows, because the quilts selected for their exhibit are absolutely fabulous. Much of the work is wonderfully innovative and exciting and really talks to me. In the intro of one of the books, it mentious receiving 1,151 entries which had to be narrowed down to 83. In my book, that's pretty treacherous odds! Over the years, Alison has been juried into four QN shows (as well as dozens of other prestigious shows), so when I saw her quilt in the auction, I watched it like a hawk, and, when it finally got into my price range, I nabbed it at one minute into the bidding time. It'll be here on Monday, and I can hardly wait!

Carol Watkins - "Bloomin'"

I was unfamiliar with Carol's work until I saw her piece in the auction. I was impressed by the wonderful free-motion stitching on the piece, and wasn't surprised, when I visited her website, to discover she's quite an expert at thread work. She blends digital art with the stitching and, most definitely, gives us the best of both worlds. This quilt will certainly brighten up my SAQA auction quilt wall!

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Healing Woman said...

What a bright and beautiful quilt! You are right, she is very good.