Friday, October 22, 2010

Two more from the SAQA auction...

These two quilts were purchased during the third and last week of this year's auction. They arrived while I was at PIQF, so I'm only just now getting around to showing them off. I absolutely love their colors!

This piece is by Carol Churchill, an art quilter who lives in Signal Hill, CA, an enclave, or "city within a city", in that it's completely surrounded by the city of Long Beach, which happens to be my hometown. In addition to it's eye-popping colors, it's encrusted with beads, glitz and dense quilting, and I love it!!

By Diane Carver, this is a whole cloth work that's been painted and quilted. I was unable to find any websites that linked me directly to Diane, so her life and work are a mystery to me. At least I have this little piece of her with it's vibrant colors... it sings!

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