Saturday, October 16, 2010

PIQF - Day 2

Today's class was called "Divide & Conquer", and was focused on design and fusing. I've done lots of fusing in the past, thanks to my job as liturgical artist at a local church, but nearly all of it has been based on designing and creating church banners. I've never done a fused quilt or quiltlet, so today was new in that respect, and was, most definitely fun and different. The morning half of the class was given over to a discussion of design elements - line, shape, color, value, texture, pattern, proportion, balance, unity, variety, perspective, etc. All quite interesting and logical... and stuff about which I've never given much thought. So now, I have lots to think about! Whether that's good or bad, only time will tell. During the afternoon we all worked on putting that wealth of information into action. Here's the raw beginnings of my piece - it's about 45x20 inches, and will have lots more stuff on it by the time I'm finished... more leaves and flowers, stitching, and plenty of embellishments.

The class was blessedly smaller than Day 1, so we were able to get lots of personal attention from Sue. Here we are, tired, but proud!

Here's another quilt from the show... Sorry, I only have time for one... gotta get to class. More later.

First Runner-Up:

Look at some of the detail... awesome, eh?

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Healing Woman said...

First runner up quilt is awesome. Fabulous.

I cannot understand the beginnings of your quilt but I just know it will evolve into something spectacular. Good luck with it.

Thanks for sharing the quilts from the show.